3D model of Mosul old city

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Digital model (about 50 hectares) in the old city of Mosul.

Assignment name: modello 3D in Mosul old city Customer: UNESCO
Country: Iraq Duration: 30 giorni
Start date (month/year): 08/2023 Completion date: 09/2023

Marrative description of project: The aim was to provide UNESCO with an updated situation of the area in which it operates (approximately 52 hectares); the area is located in the old city of Mosul, in a rectangle that goes from the Al Nouri mosque to the Tigris river, in the Maidan district.
We therefore first identified control points, detected them and finally carried out RTK drone flights; A flight at 120 meters altitude for a ground resolution of 2.5 cm/pixel, for some areas lower flights were carried out for a resolution of approximately 1.5 cm/pixel. the data processing allowed us to obtain the point clouds, the 3D model, the orthophotos and the DTM.


Description of actual services provided by your staff witin the assignment:

flights with RTK drone, control point survey, data processing and delivery of, point cloud, 3d model, DTM orthophoto.

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