Facility Management

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Facility Management

We operate under the technical management of real estate assets and services related to it: the Facility management .

"The Facility management is a multidisciplinary design , planning and management - integrated and coordinated - all the non-core services related to real estate. Services that are supportive to strategic core and which are necessary for the effective and efficient operation of an organization."

Specifically it refers to the integrated management of all real estate services, spaces and persons related to the management and operation of real estate assets .

In this context, we turn to the market as much as the public to the private sector with particular attention to the following segments.
  1. Public administration
  2. Health
  3. University
  4. Poli transport
  5. Managers and global service
  6. Industry and tertiary
Value Added
The solution offers a flexible and adaptable to the needs related to: censuses, with cataloging and management of balance sheet assets and the technological assets, document management and the issue of the building, space management, with evaluation of the scenarios resulting from different policies to rationalize, security management, with filing of risks and definition of contingency plans, management and monitoring of technical services, maintenance, operation and cleaning, with registration and control of the relevant contract data.

The information system thus makes a unique and integrated on the spaces, on the assets and the people who occupy a building intended primarily to an instrumental use, allowing you to:
Rationalize the employment policies of the spaces, evaluating alternative scenarios of use;
Streamline management policies on their personal property and plant;
Optimize the energy requirements of buildings;
Knowing the state of repair, energy and technical legal heritage, optimizing the energy consumption of buildings;

Define the maintenance strategies by improving the knowledge base preparatory custody services to private individuals for the running of the properties such as for example the global service, cleaning , adjustments in accordance with;
Complete the required document file attached to an object property;
Optimize the levels of safety in the daily use of a property.

In essence this solution makes available a visual tool with which to make decisions that affect saving policies, the optimization of energy resources and the adaptation of buildings to meet legal requirements through the exact knowledge concerning:

    the state of repair;
    technical legal status;
    energy status.

Unique database: The availability of a single integrated system allows you to standardize and unify, in a single database, processes, information and documentary output. Our solution also allows you to approach, with the greatest possible flexibility, different heritages and to ensure a single, centralized heritage.


Sharing of Information: Due to its web-based architecture, the solution can be considered a good tool for sharing and distribution of information, establishing itself as a system of management of real estate processes and also as an environment in which to optimize the communication between the various organizational units and, possibly, between the various external entities belonging to the reference supply chain (commissions, managers, suppliers).


Computerized procedures to support the processes of reorganization to simplify and standardize internal processes as well as to provide effective management tools for analysis and monitoring.


the application used as the backbone of his architecture the CAD / GIS Autodesk for the development of the graphic, and the Oracle relational database, to develop analytical environment management. These two elements represent a guarantee for the market, representing a de facto standard overt. The application consists of several modules which import functions allow reuse of layout plans and existing data.



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