webGis of Color Plan of the town of Priverno

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WebGis of Color Plan of the town of Priverno

Assignment name: Color Plan Priverno Customer: L.U.P.T.
Paese: Italia Duration: 3 month
Start date (month/year): 2013 Completation date(mont/year): 2008
Narrative description pf project:
According to the collaboration with the L.U.P.T. center was chosen from the municipalities in the province of Latina, for which the consortium CO.SVI.M. had made the plans of the color, the municipality of Priverno to build a prototype of WebGis to represent precisely the planes of color and could be the basis for a WebGis not “reading only” but also allowing the editing of the data. The system was built using Postgres database is alphanumeric chart; this has allowed us not only to the consultation of cartography but
also to the change of the tabs associated with each housing unit.
The system lends itself very well to on-site census operations even with tablets.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
  • Construction of the two Web-GIS environment for the plans and elevations viewing; implementation of the Postgres database.