Virtual reconstruction of the Rashid Aga

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Virtual reconstruction of the Rashid Aga

Assignment name: Virtual reconstruction Rashid Aga Customer:
Country: Iraq, Erbil Duration: 5 month
Start date (month/year): 2011 Completion date (month/year): 2012

Narrative description of project:

The Rashid Aga is one of the houses that make up the walls of the citadel of Erbil ( the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan ) , a city with a population continuity last 6000 years.
The informations and the materials used to develop and implement this prototype was provided by the Project Cooperation (MAE / IsIAO 2009/2010) , called "Protection of the cultural heritage of the Kurdish region in Iraq." in agreement and cooperation with the HCECR (High Commission for Herbil Citadel Revitalization ) and its director Arch Dara al- Yaqoubi .
The prototype was presented during the conference : "Italian Cultural and Archeological Cooperation in Iraq and University Forum " on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2012 in Erbil. From the survey data provided by the cooperation project was realized the virtual model of the house , the application is studied to run on smartphones and tablets .

Selcting one of the blocks representing the various houses of the citadel a tab appears, when the block corresponding to the Rashid Aga appears a button that allows the loading of the model and so the navigation within this ; entering the Divan it is possible to see the current status (not yet renovated ) and the original one.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
  • Reconstruction of the virtual model of the Aga Rashid; implementation of the app
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